Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proposed Section 108 Regulations May Result in Disparate Treatment of S Corporation Shareholders

Excerpt from Practical US/Domestic Tax Strategies by Jeanne Sullivan (KPMG LLP)

Recently, Treasury published proposed regulations under section 108 on the reduction of tax attributes for S corporations (73 FR 45656-01). The proposed regulations provide guidance on the manner in which an S corporation applies the rules of section 108(b) in a year in which the S corporation has discharge of indebtedness income (COD income) that is excluded from gross income under section 108(a). In particular, the proposed regulations address situations in which S corporation losses and deductions that are treated as net operating losses (NOLs) for purposes of section 108 exceed the amount of the S corporation’s excluded COD income (Excess Deemed NOL). The proposed regulations provide rules whereby the Excess Deemed NOLs are apportioned among the S corporation’s shareholders after tax attribute reduction. As we shall see, the rules may result in potentially disparate treatment of the S corporation shareholders.

Subchapter S generally provides simplified pass-through treatment for corporations that meet its eligibility requirements. To avoid the complexities that can result from the variations in economic rights associated with partnerships, subchapter S requires that each shareholder be allocated a pro rata share of an S corporation’s items of income (including tax-exempt income), loss, deduction and credit as well as a pro rata share of nonseparately computed income and loss (section 1366(a)) and that the S corporation issue only a single class of stock (section 1361(b)(1)(D)). Nevertheless, the S corporation is a separate entity that also retains certain corporate characteristics and the rules of section 108 are applied at the corporate entity level.

Read More: Discharge of Indebtedness and Section 108


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