Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Setting Up an Entity in India

Excerpt from Practical Asian Tax Strategies
article by Jon Eichelberger, Brendan Kelly, Eugene Lim & Beng Ti Tan (Baker & McKenzie, Beijing)

While the U.S. is the oldest, India is the biggest democracy in the world. India has a large pool of educated human resources and a well-developed legal and banking system, and English is the business language, making the country a favored destination for foreign investment.

An offshore entity interested in establishing a presence in India should first determine short- and long-term objectives. This includes the mission of the entity in India, the type of operations to be conducted and the timelines for site selection, hiring personnel, etc. Based on the initial analysis, the next important step is to determine the type of entity that should be set up. The new entity can be a Liaison office (LO), Project office (PO), Branch office (BO), or an incorporated company, public or private (Company). If the objective is short-term, a foreign entity can also post a representative in India to carry out its activities.


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